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Last year I attended a workshop in Los Angeles, who stressed how important it is for a photo shoot, an appropriate backup equipment with you go. The mantra of the instructor was as follows: "When a shoot is just always something wrong." It is absolutely essential to be prepared for all situations, especially when you are standing at the customer under pressure. To support you should always a light tentequipped.

And in addition to your equipment, you should also always make copies on your computer. Here I will give you 4 tips on how to improve your workflow and complete:

First Make a backup of your camera photos

Ideally, you have a camera that can simultaneously save the images to 2 memory cards. This is the easiest and simplest way to have a backup ready immediately.During shooting, press the button on the camera easy to duplicate and you have adequate security for your photos.

Second Make the spot at shooting a backup

Another backup option is, of course, immediately to transfer a copy of the existing laptop or other portable storage device, such as the Sanho HyperDrive ColorSpace UDMA. This is especially useful if you're shooting with a camera that only has a single memory card.

Third Save the memory card on the way home from another

The way home after the shooting is another great way to save the image data of your customers, so that at a later date nothing can be done with the photos, such as at home or in the studio then.

4th Save the photos from at least two different locations on your computer.

Ask. Upon your return to your home or studio sure that you make a backup of the photos on at least 2 places On your computer, as well as on the hard drive.

Remember, the equipment can always be replaced, but not the photos that you have made just for your customers. So it's incredibly important to have a backup image is always the same integrate into your workflow into it. And all this is not so much work. All it takes is appropriate habits and awareness.

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